Trauma Counseling Theories And Interventions

Trauma Counseling Theories And Interventions

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Trauma Counseling is a detailed, multidisciplinary guide to the concept and treatment for survivors of a wide array of traumatic events, such as social violence, hate crimes, school violence, community violence, natural disasters, along with terrorism and war. It’s composed by a Fulbright scholar who’s internationally known for her work with traumatized populations in Rwanda, many southern African nations, Russia, and the USA. Additionally, It includes the gifts of researchers in Europe, Australia, Africa, and the USA.


The publication discusses evidence-based trauma intervention and assessment methods and incorporates the newest findings from neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. It concentrates on issues of loss and despair, survivorship and disability, genocide, natural disasters, and the effect of war on civilians and pros, as well as the different effects of injury in early childhood, childhood, and adolescence.

Also addressed are moral viewpoints and techniques of self-care for advisers working with this people. The text would be of value to graduate counseling students and professional advisors in addition to social workers, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and other healthcare providers, that are going to have the ability to attend injury survivors having a depth of wisdom and confidence.

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