Youre Not Broken By Gemma Hart

Youre Not Broken By Gemma Hart

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The Brand New Breakthrough Self-Help Publication by Christine McDowell will Help anyone with self-esteem issues, to conquer Their Constraints and Attain success in their Lifetime. ”

you’ve read every self -help book; Move into more assignments than anyone you understand, and you believe nothing has helped you determine what you would like to work out. You can not give up – on your self, your plight, your life, your spirit …” – Christine McDowell “. .we should let go of everything we believed was powerful enough to encourage us and find the capability to remain educated on our … I hope that this publication can allow you to accomplish your aim of swimming safely in your strengths so you can’t ever give up on your soul, your own life, and your self …” – Christine McDowell About the Writer: Christine McDowell, for a decade one of the best West Island Realtors in Montreal, Quebec, had a revenue performance that rated her within the top 5 percent of realtors in the province. However, something was missing. In 1995 Christine abandoned her six-figure real estate income behind and began the hunt for true happiness. In 2006, Christine returned to Real Estate, a people business she is long adored, a transition made simple as a result of her extensive training and knowledge of private development. With her experience on many levels, customers soon discover they have hired over a Realtor.

Christine understands from first-hand experience how challenging life is. She knows how to turn challenges into satisfying outcomes. This experience/expertise resulted in the writing of her breakthrough novel; You Are Not Broken.

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